A new and innovative approach to your dismissal process.

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Unprecedented 5 point safety system.


A fraction of the cost of typical dismissal systems.


Organizations average a 20% decrease in dismissal time.


In less than 1 week safeDISMISSAL can be installed, learned, and implemented.


Wow, a dismissal process for the 21st centry.

Elementary School Teacher

I was totally surprised how using allowed us to give teachers "days off" from dismissal duties.

Middle School Principal

As a parent, the safety features of this tool are very comforting. And with the added bonus that dismissals are noticeably faster than before - I can't imagine why any school would not use this.



With you can expect to:

  • Know your child will be kept safely indoors during dismissal.
  • Know your child will NOT be congregated in mass with little supervision.
  • Know your child's educational time will be maximized.
  • Know teachers and administrators are able to monitor and regulate approved methods of transportation.
  • Know lockdown and emergency procedures can be easily and instantly enforced during dismissal because all students are safely in their designated classroom/safeZONE setting.
  • Know everyone must pass a "real-time" security check, established by the parent. That is the only way someone can pick your child up.
  • Know your wait time in the dismissal line will be significantly reduced.
  • Know your child will remain engaged in a heathy learning or social environment and will not lose instructional time waiting for their transportation.
  • Know your child will end the day in a positive manor.


With you can expect:

  • More time in your classroom instead of at a dismissal post.
  • Your meaningful educational / student connection time to be increased.
  • A natural reduction in opportunities for student misbehavior and bullying.
  • Emergency procedures to be easily implemented and enforced because students remain in a classroom/safeZONE setting.
  • Improved school-wide communications during your dismissal process.
  • The ability to easily create parent pickup cards.
  • You can expect no more hectic dismissals.
  • Your students to go home happy because dismissal can be FUN!


With you can expect:

  • The risk of your school making a dismissal mistake to be significantly reduced or all together eliminated.
  • Maximized educational time for your students.
  • A significant increased customer service provided to your parents.
  • A team that is dedicated and capable of easily integrating our system into your current dismissal procedure.
  • Strong safeDISMISSAL support, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Improved inter-school communication during dismissal.
  • Teacher appreciation for the extra time in their classroom to work and connect with students.
  • Lower incidents of student misbehavour and bullying due to an environment that is excellently monitored by those who know each student best.
  • An average of 20% decrease in time devoted to afternoon dismissal.
  • To be pleasantly surprised that safeDISMISSAL is purposely affordable, because safeDISMISSAL is dedicated to student safety being attainable to all.